The Business of Sales

A Sales Framework for Everyone

The Business of Sales is a simplified model designed to help sales teams stay focused and be more productive.

In order to meet the needs of Sales Leaders we developed The Sales Leadership Framework. This is a framework designed to organize all the key priorities of professional sales leadership.  It's built on 5 key principles; Partnerships, Pipeline, People, Engagement and Management.

All of the tools we are developing are designed to work together and fit into this framework.

Our key design principles are:

  • Effectiveness - they need to work for Sales Leaders
  • Easy to use - if they're hard to figure out, Sales Leaders won't use them
  • Integrated - each tool needs to support the others within the framework
  • Customizable - Empower our clients to tailor the tools for their needs

We want to make sure our tools work for you, the Sales Leader.

Right now we have 5 tools on our site but we've identified over 125 tools needed by sales leaders to do their jobs.  Keep checking in with us because we'll be releasing these tools over the next several months.


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