Business of Sales

The Business of Sales is a operating model for sales people selling complex technologies through a partner model.  Most sales methodologies today focus on the deal and how to get it closed.  This is critically important but in today's fast paced selling environment a sales person can lose their focus in a "New York minute."  The Business of Sales operating model is designed to bring things back into focus by simplifying the chaos into 4 basic areas of focus; Partner, Pipeline, Engage and Manage.  This program is designed to help sales people organize themselves (and their extended selling team) into these 4 areas to be more productive and drive better results.

This program is offered in 4 hour and 1 day formats.

Making the Case

The Making the Case program is designed to help sales teams understand how to assist their customer in the development of a financial analysis and business case in order to secure internal budget dollars.  The program will overview the key elements of a sound financial analysis and the key components of a successful business case.

This program can be tailored in 4 hours, 1 day and 2 day workshop formats.

Engaging with Value in Mind

Our Engaging with Value in Mind program combines the principals of C-Level engagement with effective sales discovery strategies.  The key purpose of the activities in this program are to help the sales teams and their customers build more effective value propositions that will resonate with key stakeholders and decision that have to say "yes" in order for the project to move forward.

This program is offered in a 4 hour format.

Leading with Sales Excellence

Leading with Sales Excellence is the premier sales leadership program available in the market today.  Developed by an industry titan, Jay Tyler, the program offers a comprehensive operating model for developing sales leaders.  The program is a combination of classroom training coupled with ongoing coaching for the sales leaders in your organization.

The core program is delivered in a 3 day format and is followed up with supplemental sessions and 1-on-1 coaching directly from Jay.