Hiring Top Performers Toolset

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Hiring Top Performers Toolset


The Hiring Top Performers Toolset provides sales leaders with a professional set of tools to track sales candidates, organize co-interviewers and prepare your candidates to go through your interview process.

As a sales leader its critical that you hire the best talent available for your team.  However, many Sales Leaders don't have a structured process or set of tools to help them interview and select the best candidate for their open sales positions.

The toolset includes several documents and is built in Microsoft Word and Excel and we encourage teams to customize the tool to fit your needs.  The toolset includes:

  • Job Description Document (Word)
  • Hiring Overview Document (Word)
  • Hiring Assessment Tool (Excel)
  • Interviewer Worksheet (Excel)
  • Toolset User Guide (Word)

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Table of Contents: 00:00 - Toolset Overview - Hiring Top Performers Toolset 00:03 - About Salire 00:51 - Purpose of the Toolset 02:13 - Overview of the Toolset 03:41 - What Comes with the Toolset 04:10 - Hiring Top Performers