We're not your typical sales consulting firm. Most firms want retainers and load up on billable hours. Our business model is different. We begin with providing high quality sales tools that deliver value and results. After that, we're here to make sure the tools fit your needs, every time.

ROI Consulting

Our background is developing the financial value stories for our customers.  Many sales teams want to sell using financial analysis but don't have the background to develop their own ROI/TCO practice.  You can engage with Salire and we'll help you figure this out.  Whether it's an hourly engagement where we help you figure out how to use our ROI/TCO tool or a full-blown customer engagement where we are building custom solutions to close a large strategic deal, Salire can help your team figure it out.

Our rates for this practice range from $150 to $250 per hour based on your requirements.

Tool Customization

Our objective with our tools is to develop 80% of what our clients need as a standard tool.  But many clients want our tools tailored to their business needs.  Our customization service provides our clients with the best of both worlds.  Our rates for this practice range from $85 to $150 per hour based on your requirements.

Business Value Engagement

Driving Business Value is arguably one of the most elusive and difficult tasks a sales teams is faced with.  Our teams become so focused on selling features and benefits that they often lose sight of doing the important work of building the the valuable work of crafting the messaging that will resonate with the key budget holders.  We have Discovery Framework designed to help sales teams do the research necessary to get to the important business reasons that will help your customer secure budget and move forward with your solution.  This service can be positioned to use our team in the "active selling" process or as an internal coach helping your team position the business value of your solution.  Our rates for this practice range from $150 to $250 per hour based on your requirements.

Sales Leadership Consulting

This is our classic Sales Consulting offering.  It's much like the other "sales consultant" offerings you've seen.  We can work at the direction of the CEO or Sales Leader to help drive effectiveness and business results using our Business of Sales framework.  Our billable rate starts at $150 per hour and can scale up to $350 per hour based on the level of expertise and the assistance you require.  The areas we focus on are assessment, go-to-market strategies, process design, sales stage definition development, business value strategies, sales operations and hiring strategies.

Business of Sales

The Business of Sales is a operating model for sales people selling complex technologies through a partner model.  Most sales methodologies today focus on the deal and how to get it closed.  This is critically important but in today's fast paced selling environment a sales person can lose their focus in a "New York minute."  The Business of Sales operating model is designed to bring things back into focus by simplifying the chaos into 4 basic areas of focus; Partner, Pipeline, Engage and Manage.  This program is designed to help sales people organize themselves (and their extended selling team) into these 4 areas to be more productive and drive better results.

This program is offered in 4 hour and 1 day formats.

Making the Case

The Making the Case program is designed to help sales teams understand how to assist their customer in the development of a financial analysis and business case in order to secure internal budget dollars.  The program will overview the key elements of a sound financial analysis and the key components of a successful business case.

This program can be tailored in 4 hours, 1 day and 2 day workshop formats.

Engaging with Value in Mind

Our Engaging with Value in Mind program combines the principals of C-Level engagement with effective sales discovery strategies.  The key purpose of the activities in this program are to help the sales teams and their customers build more effective value propositions that will resonate with key stakeholders and decision that have to say "yes" in order for the project to move forward.

This program is offered in a 4 hour format.

Leading with Sales Excellence

Leading with Sales Excellence is the premier sales leadership program available in the market today.  Developed by an industry titan, Jay Tyler, the program offers a comprehensive operating model for developing sales leaders.  The program is a combination of classroom training coupled with ongoing coaching for the sales leaders in your organization.

The core program is delivered in a 3 day format and is followed up with supplemental sessions and 1-on-1 coaching directly from Jay.

Coaching Services

Our consultants are seasoned and tenured Sales Leaders with no less than 20 years experience in the field of sales.  We offer coaching services for Sales Leaders and Sales Professionals.  These coaching services can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each client and are offered as a retainer service that starts at a minimum of $500 per month and scales higher based on the needs of the client.  We have a a minimum of a 3 month commitment for our coaching engagements.  Our only requirement for our coaching services are that the client be open to coaching and willing to make meaningful changes in their roles as leaders and sales professionals.