We're not your typical sales consulting firm. Most firms want retainers and load up on billable hours. Our business model is different. We begin with providing high quality sales tools that deliver value and results. After that, we're here to make sure the tools fit your needs, every time.

ROI Consulting

Our background is developing the financial value stories for our customers.  Many sales teams want to sell using financial analysis but don't have the background to develop their own ROI/TCO practice.  You can engage with Salire and we'll help you figure this out.  Whether it's an hourly engagement where we help you figure out how to use our ROI/TCO tool or a full-blown customer engagement where we are building custom solutions to close a large strategic deal, Salire can help your team figure it out.

Our rates for this practice range from $150 to $250 per hour based on your requirements.

Tool Customization

Our objective with our tools is to develop 80% of what our clients need as a standard tool.  But many clients want our tools tailored to their business needs.  Our customization service provides our clients with the best of both worlds.  Our rates for this practice range from $85 to $150 per hour based on your requirements.

Business Value Engagement

Driving Business Value is arguably one of the most elusive and difficult tasks a sales teams is faced with.  Our teams become so focused on selling features and benefits that they often lose sight of doing the important work of building the the valuable work of crafting the messaging that will resonate with the key budget holders.  We have Discovery Framework designed to help sales teams do the research necessary to get to the important business reasons that will help your customer secure budget and move forward with your solution.  This service can be positioned to use our team in the "active selling" process or as an internal coach helping your team position the business value of your solution.  Our rates for this practice range from $150 to $250 per hour based on your requirements.

Sales Leadership Consulting

This is our classic Sales Consulting offering.  It's much like the other "sales consultant" offerings you've seen.  We can work at the direction of the CEO or Sales Leader to help drive effectiveness and business results using our Business of Sales framework.  Our billable rate starts at $150 per hour and can scale up to $350 per hour based on the level of expertise and the assistance you require.  The areas we focus on are assessment, go-to-market strategies, process design, sales stage definition development, business value strategies, sales operations and hiring strategies.