SAP Does it Right

This month’s blog posting is about how SAP works with its customers to demonstrate the business value of deploying SAP software and service solutions.

 For the last 8 years SAP has operated a team they call the Value Engineering team.  This is made up of people who do industry benchmarking, value engineering and customer value engagements.  This team has delivered thousands of business cases to their customers about business transformation and has a significant impact on how enterprise customers value SAP.

 The think I like most about this strategy is that SAP first focuses on “How the customer’s business will change” using SAP solutions.  With this approach they can garner the support of key business executives in the process before too many people get too far in the technical process of deciding to move forward.

 We have seen many customers struggle with whether to invest in technology and waste time on the tactical and sometimes technical aspects of the solution only to struggle at the end of the process in explaining it to the business groups and securing their support.

 For those companies (buyers and sellers alike) looking to embrace technology transformational initiatives, SAP is a great case study on how to get it.   For more information on SAP’s value offerings follow this link:

 Many people are familiar with the obstacles that exist between technologists and business executives and its nice to see a major tech vendor commit so deeply to bridging the gap.