Sales Leaders are busy people.

Our mission is to give them more time to drive sales results.


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Salire provides consulting, training and toolsets designed to help CEO/Founders, business leaders, sales leaders and sales teams do their jobs more efficiently, strategically and with greater value to their customers.  

Here are the development projects we're working on at Salire.


Sales Leadership Counsel

We are organizing a group whose purpose is to collaborate and share best practices around sales leadership.  The mission of this group will be to serve as a peer group for the members as well as a validation team for the programs, tools and templates provided by the Salire network of consultants.

Target date for availability: June 2015



We have a series of document templates for forecasting, pipeline management, territory and account planning, trending and analysis and hiring that we intend to make available for download.  These templates have been developed over many years and have been tested by several tenured sales leaders.

Target date for availability: June 2015


Sales Leadership Video Series

We're working on an exciting new application that allows the people that have been through Jay Tyler's Leading with Sales Excellence series to view the training content in an easy-to-access and consume format.  Users will be able to access the training video, content and tools both from the web as well as tablets.

Target date for availability: September 2016


Sales Management Platform

Our most ambitious project right now is an app specifically designed for sales leaders. Today's CRM systems are focused on helping manage pipeline, deals, forecast and reports.  But we believe there is a need for an app that helps sales leaders with performance management, hiring, MBOs, etc.  This app is being designed specifically to streamline the efforts sales leaders spend "re-inventing the wheel" on running their day-to-day businesses.   Users will be able to access the app from the web as well as tablets.

Target date for availability: TBD


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Our Mission

Value, Strategy and Leadership are the cornerstones of our culture.  Our mission is to help sales teams rise above the distractions and chaos and focus on the things that truly drive value and differentiation in their sales efforts.

What We've Achieved

  • Delivered over 200 sales workshops to sales teams, business leaders and IT professionals around the world.
  • Developed world-class software (SaaS) platforms that help sales teams
  • Our solutions affected over $750 million in direct revenue for our clients
  • Developed an innovative cash flow analysis approach for complex technology projects that is used by several Fortune 100 IT organizations
  • Mentored and coached hundreds of sales leaders on the best practices of value selling
  • Provided mentorship and coaching to several new CEOs and their ventures

Salire was founded in 2001 on the idea that there was a void in sales management disciplines.  It seemed like every sales manager (Manager - Director - VP) was reinventing the wheel and experimenting.  They didn't have time to re-invent the wheel or experiment.  We aspired to change that.

We observed that sales teams were having a hard time closing their large deals.  They needed help on the big ones.  We also noticed that the customers they were selling to weren't effective in asking for internal budget dollars.

So we developed a series of services and tools to help.  Long story .... short.  We were very successful and developed hundreds of tools and delivered over 1,000 service engagements designed to help secure budget dollars.  We helped with over $1.2 billion in budget requests, it was working.

In 2012 we decided to sell the key services and software tools to Mainstay Company ( so that the market could continue to benefit from the great work we were doing.  What a great team that was.

Now, 3 years later, we are relaunching Salire with renewed purpose.  Almost the same purpose that we originally started with, helping sales leaders (and start-up CEOs) be more effective in their sales efforts.

So check out our new site, call us if you need help and most of all, stay committed to great leadership and solving your customers key business challenges.

Tony Kevin

Tony Kevin

Tony Kevin has 30 years of executive leadership, sales leadership and operations experience. His demonstrated leadership, drive, and performance has garnered him both respect in the industry and several senior level sales management roles. His career has ranged from creating and growing new companies to managing large sales and logistics teams.

In 1985 he served as Vice President of Sales for Multiple Zones establishing their indirect and direct sales organizations. In 1994 he led a team that won and managed a $250 million technology procurement-outsourcing contract at Microsoft. In 2001, Tony launched Salire, a company focused on helping sales teams and CEOs better engage their customers.

Tony attributes his success to his belief in laying the proper groundwork in strategy, process and systems, as well as his ability to build great teams who share his passion for excellence.

Tony's Status:  Tony is on a long term assignment and spends his "Salire" time working on development projects.

Salire has been great to work with. They are much more strategic than the other sales consultants we have worked with. Plus, they offer practical solutions that aren’t burdensome for the sales teams to embrace and utilize.
— Nick Deppen - Director - Data IO

Salire works with a series of independent sales management consultants to deliver our services.

Contact us to see who is available to help with your strategy needs.


Our partners are so important and we accomplish a lot together. We have a collection of World Class Partners that contribute to our Thought Leadership and Client Solutions.