Our Mission

Value, Strategy and Leadership are the cornerstones of our culture.  Our mission is to help sales teams rise above the distractions and chaos and focus on the things that truly drive value and differentiation in their sales efforts.

Tony Kevin

Tony Kevin has 30 years of executive leadership, sales leadership and operations experience. His demonstrated leadership, drive, and performance has garnered him both respect in the industry and several senior level sales management roles. His career has ranged from creating and growing new companies to managing large sales and logistics teams.

In 1985 he served as Vice President of Sales for Multiple Zones establishing their indirect and direct sales organizations. In 1994 he led a team that won and managed a $250 million technology procurement-outsourcing contract at Microsoft. In 2001, Tony launched Salire, a company focused on helping sales teams and CEOs better engage their customers.

Tony attributes his success to his belief in laying the proper groundwork in strategy, process and systems, as well as his ability to build great teams who share his passion for excellence.

Tony's Status:  Tony is on a long term assignment and spends his "Salire" time working on development projects.


Salire works with a series of independent sales management consultants to deliver our services.  Contact us to see who is available to help with your strategy needs.