Tony's Story

Many of the Salire faithful (customers, partners and team members) felt it was important to get Tony's story out.

Tony started Salire in 2001 with his good friend Dave Johnson.  Like so many companies they struggled to get it off the ground but eventually found solutions that customers wanted and the company started to grow.  In 2008, Dave moved on to different opportunities and Tony was running the company on his own with 40 team members and lots of momentum.

In August of 2009, Tony was diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer and was given a short time to live.  As you can imagine the next two years were difficult and Tony balanced managing the company with fighting cancer.  Salire gives a special thanks to Jim Jones and Wally Boos who's help was invaluable in helping to run things as Tony was going through treatment.  Through the last 6 years Tony has had over 15 operations and endured 30 rounds of intense chemotherapy.

In 2011, after much consideration, Tony decided to hand off the major operations to another company so that our team members could continue to develop and deliver the great solutions that Salire had been providing to our customers and he tool a little time off.  After his break, Tony decided to get back to work and currently serves as a Sales Director for F5 Networks in Seattle.

In the summer of 2014, Tony decided it was time to chart out the next phase for Salire and started a long term project to relaunch Salire and eventually step back into Salire full time.

"Many people say to me, I don't think I could ever get through Cancer the way you have.  I always say to them, you can but it's a choice.  The choice is to move forward regardless of the outcome and make sure you don't have any regrets in the process.  It's about courage and being connected to how you want people to know you and remember you." - Tony Kevin

Today Tony spends his time balanced between family, work and developing Salire.  Something he is very passionate about.  He values people development more than ever and spends time coaching people who truly want to be great business and sales leaders.

As a result of Tony's cancer Journey, Salire is committed to helping people with Colon cancer in their cancer journeys.  We are enthusiastic supporters of Colon Stars, a non-profit organization dedicated to the education, awareness, support and prevention of colon cancer.