Tony Kevin - Founder & CEO

Tony Kevin has 30 years of executive leadership, sales leadership and operations experience. His demonstrated leadership, drive, and performance has garnered him both respect in the industry and several senior level sales management roles. His career has ranged from creating and growing new companies to managing large sales and logistics teams.

Throughout his career he has focused on creating new ways to facilitate success for business and sales teams.  His innovations include; building a distributed cash flow analysis solution used by hundreds Fortune 500 companies in analyzing large technology projects, creating the Business of Sales framework that helps sales teams operate more successfully and developing a value engagement program that helps sales teams get beyond their lower level decision makers by developing better value stories for executives.

Tony’s leadership approach is grounded in his belief that leadership is about the success of his team members and more importantly that personal courage is the key to great leadership.   He attributes his success to his belief in laying the proper groundwork in strategy, culture, process and metrics, as well as his ability to build great teams who share his passion for excellence.

Tony's Status:  Tony is on a long term assignment and spends his "Salire" time working on development projects.

Tony's Story: Click here to learn more about Tony's journey through cancer and his commitment to keeping the Salire dream alive.



Mark Selleck

Leadership and business development consultant with deep expertise driving significant and sustained improvements in organizational performance and employee engagement through improved business processes, highly effective and modern management practices, and an atypical environment of high expectations. 

Proven track record exceeding multi-million-dollar revenue goals, as well as customer satisfaction and employee morale objectives, while creating value far beyond formal scope and responsibilities. 

Unique combination of strategic leadership and tactical execution, business acumen and technical expertise, and creative innovation with analytic reasoning.

Mark's Status:  Busy but available.


Andy Catterall

Andy Catterall has over 20 years of enterprise technology sales, sales leadership and consulting experience. Andy specializes in target account acquisition, global account management, sales operations and strategic partnership development, primarily in the context of the ecosystem.

During the mid-1990's, Andy sold and managed a $2M business-to-business marketing database project that was key to Microsoft's Windows 95 launch strategy. In 1997, he founded Integrity Marketing Services, an outsourced inside sales service provider that focused on developing sales opportunities for technology firms, which became a division of Salire in 2004. Since 2007, Andy has operated in global sales leadership roles in the enterprise cloud application development and consulting arenas.

Andy is known in the technology industry for his resourcefulness and passion for client satisfaction. One of the keys to his success is his commitment to building enduring value-added relationships. He possesses the innate ability to align the right resources at the right time in order to drive business value.

Andy's Status:  Andy is on a long term assignment and spends his "Salire" time working on development projects.


Salire has been great to work with. They are much more strategic than the other sales consultants we have worked with. Plus, they offer practical solutions that aren’t burdensome for the sales teams to embrace and utilize.
— Nick Deppen - Director - Data IO

Salire has helped us on countless client engagements where positioning the business value of our solutions was critical to our sales success. They’ve helped us close very large deals with some of the largest clients from the Fortune 1000.
— Woody Sessoms - SVP - Cisco Systems

Salire works with a series of independent sales management consultants to deliver our services.

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Some of Our Clients

What We've Achieved

  • Delivered over 200 sales workshops to sales teams, business leaders and IT professionals around the world.
  • Developed world-class software (SaaS) platforms that help sales teams
  • Our solutions affected over $750 million in direct revenue for our clients
  • Developed an innovative cash flow analysis approach for complex technology projects that is used by several Fortune 100 IT organizations
  • Mentored and coached hundreds of sales leaders on the best practices of sales leadership and value selling
  • Provided mentorship and coaching to several new CEOs and their ventures