CRM is great but let's be candid, CRM doesn't help sales leaders with most of what they do.

Hiring, Measuring Sales Performance, Forecasting, Team Meetings (QBRs), Proposals.  The list goes on and on.  Sales Leaders spend a tremendous amount of time creating tools for these functions.

Featured Tools


Hiring Top performers

Our Hiring Top Performers tool will help you pick that one top performer that is critical to your team's success.


Performance Management

Our Performance Tracking tool will help you track all the critical metrics of sales. Quota, Forecast, Bookings and Pipeline.


Business Review

Our Quarterly Business Review (QBR) tool provides a clear format to communicate your team's quarterly performance.


Sales Tools Designed by Sales Leaders are practical tools built in Microsoft Office formats that help Sales Leaders do their jobs effectively without the burden of "re-inventing the wheel." We've done the design work in a way that allows you to pick up the tools, customize them for your needs and get on with the Business of Sales.

Our services are focused on helping our customers utilize our tools.  We encourage our clients to buy our tools and customize them for your own purposes but some clients want a little extra help.

Our services are offered to CEOs, sales leaders, sales operations and sales teams do their jobs more efficiently, strategically and with greater value to their customers.  


The Business of Sales

A Sales Framework for Everyone

In order to meet the needs of Sales Leaders we developed The Business of Sales Framework.  This is a framework designed to organize all the key priorities of professional selling.  It's built on 4 key principles; Partnerships, Pipeline, Engagement and Management.

All of the tools we are developing are designed to work together and fit into this framework.

Our key design principles are:

  • Effectiveness - they need to work for Sales Leaders
  • Easy to use - if they're hard to figure out, Sales Leaders won't use them
  • Integrated - each tool needs to support the others within the framework
  • Customizable - Empower our clients to tailor the tools for their needs

We want to make sure our tools work for you, the Sales Leader.

Right now we have 3 tools on our site but we've identified over 70 tools needed by sales leaders to do their jobs.  Keep checking in with us because we'll be releasing these tools over the next several months.

The Business of Sales is a simplified model designed to help sales teams stay focused and be more productive.

The Business of Sales is a simplified model designed to help sales teams stay focused and be more productive.


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